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Julie`s Page

I love with such a passion now
that death is imminent,
for what I love is easily
so true to me
that God would hardly
let me know the pleasure of it,
even one more day.

No man could have such happiness
and still be left to walk this good green earth.

I so dedicate what life I have
to the you I love
and pray you spend it generously
on what you love and what you`ll come to love.

Fields of wonder
are the places God goes walking,
I found them by mistake and I`ve trespassed.

A mystic I am not
and yet I meditate again
amid the Spencer morning
hoping that my thoughts
go back to Florida.

I cannot cable love
nor would I.
You must assume
you must believe
that over a thousand miles
and more than several hours reach away
I am reaching out just now.

To the far fields I have gone,
down along the sea
above the hills and back again
thinking I was running
new ground all the time -
learning only now
that all those wondrous fields
are meadows that a new lifetime
would not last long enough
to take me through.

Never mind.

I`ve will enough to make
as many journeys as I can
in the name of love and longing,
and years to pay for time I`ve wasted.

I am not sure
what waits beyond the block
but I'll travel down the street
to have a look
if need be.

Amen to what I knew before,
I thought that I was living.
No doors have opened up for me
and no new windows on the world
only life itself.

I am being led through life
willingly and wide awake.
Your tongue has given birth to me
as surely as my mother thought she did...


Happy Easter,sweetheart.I love you,with all my heart.
I`ll always belong to...only you.